Join us as we Partner with Global Evangelical Team

to be a Blessing this Christmas

All donations must be in by

Tuesday December 22, 2020

to ensure we can send all funds on time. 


A greeting from Global Evangelical Team.

"We want you to know you have made a difference during a difficult and challenging year for G.E.T. Many families have experienced unprecedented challenges. The lock- downs in Asia at times have been extreme, causing great hardship for millions. We hope that Christmas you might join with us to lessen these hardships and difficulties by providing tangible gifts of encouragements. Will you partner with us in our Chicken for Children Campaign? We are always looking for ways to bless our G.E.T. families during Christmas, and would love to give our children a chicken to raise . These chickens will give the G.E.T. children an opportunities to learn how to raise farm animals and responsibilities. They will also provide eggs that are a much- needed staple to these families. Please be in prayerful consideration as to how much you would like contribute. There are of course, many other ways to bring the joy of Lord as well, but these opportunities enable the gospel to be shared with others. From blankets to help families fight the chill of winter to motorcycles to help maximize field leaders' time, there are numerous ways to partner with us this Christmas.

Please prayerfully consider what kind of joyful you might give to these families this Christmas."


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