Children's Ministry 

Infant- 7th grade

Jubilee is a strong family church. We have structured our children's ministry

to cultivate grateful hearts that reflect and know the love of our Savior Jesus Christ.  

Tiny Tumblers (infant- 18 month)

It starts here. Where the Word is spoken and declared  over the infants, setting a foundation of God's love and truth in their hearts.

Faith Walkers (18 month- 3 yrs)

Our toddlers continue building their grateful hearts with purposeful play, interacting Bible story time, and simple Truth just for them.

Seed Planters (4 yrs- 1 st grade)

Pre-schoolers begin diving deeper into their Bible stories. They'll learn how God speaks, wants a relationship with them, and how He can influence their everyday lives.

Live Wires (2nd-  4 th grade)

Grade school children ignite in the Word as they learn new aspects of the Bible stories they've heard and how they relate to their very own lives.  

Promise Seekers ( 5 th - 7 th grade)

Pre-teens are at the point where they already know the stories in the Bible. We meet them where they are with lessons that focus on connecting the stories from the old and new testaments and letting them see God's plan unfold.

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